Below are links to a number of short profiles of peacemakers from New Zealand.

Each peacemaker is covered by a short text which covers aspects of their lives, or presents a quote in which they explain why they stood for peace and against war. We suggest that you or your group select a few peacemakers to remember this Anzac Day, reading out loud their story and reflecting on what they have done and said. A series of quotes about peace can be used to open and close the time of remembering, and we have supplied a list of activities that can be tailored to the needs of your group.


Te Whiti o Rongomai

Archibald Baxter

Rua Kenana

Ormond Burton

A. Lois White

Alan Graham

– Merv Browne and Chris Palmer

– The families of conscientious objectors

– John Miller

– Moana Cole

– Rod Donald

– Malcolm Kendall-Smith

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