Activity Ideas

Some of the following activities for children can be a good way to help them reflect on the issues in a more personal way:

1. Peace Posters: design and make posters promoting peace and put them up at schools, shops and other public places.

Te Whanau Rangimarie (The Peaceful Family) by Miria Koia [5yrs]


2. Peace Poems: write poems about peace and print them as a booklet or posters.

Peace and love

are like a flying dove;

No time for war

you just have to soar;

A tui flies

through the skies;

Open free

unlike you and me;

War, revolution

is not the solution.

by Hugo Robinson [9yrs]


3. Create t-shirt slogans, pictures and designs:

For example:

‘Drop aid, not bombs’

‘We shall remember, we shall not cease’

‘War does not breed peace, guns do not breed security’


4. Sing and/or listen to songs about Peace:

For example:

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