Kia ora.

This website provides information on people from Aotearoa New Zealand who have made significant contributions to non-violently promoting peace.

From this site you can download a booklet that can be used in groups to reflect on the lives and actions of these peacemakers.

This NZ History website has a full list of the names and reasons of WW1 Conscientious Objectors from New Zealand. Here is a news story about the list.

Check out this wonderful resource on voices in Canterbury opposed to World War I: voicesagainstwar.nz

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We also encourage visitors to support the White Poppies campaign that raises funds for the study of peace in New Zealand.

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This resource was produced with the assistance of the Peace and Disarmament Education Trust (PADET), a Trust established with funds donated by the government of France after the Rainbow Warrior bombing, and administered by the Department of Internal Affairs.


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